Long - term rental price

Long-term rental price depends on:

  • Duration of rent;
  • Kilometers traveled;
  • Region where the cargo minibus is used.

In case of long-term rentals, the rental price is offered at a discount from the one below, if the mileage is significantly <10,000 km per month. 

On the other hand, if the mileage is about 10,000 km per month, then the price below is valid. 

But in cases where the mileage is significantly higher than 10,000 km, then the price is determined by considering the specific case of the customer. Ask!

Cooperation with legal entities

We offer cooperation to companies, when your fleet is overloaded during the "hottest" periods and additional cars are needed for timely delivery of goods. As well as if a cargo bus under repair needs to be replaced. We have been successfully cooperating with several Latvian companies for several years and we invite you to cooperate as well.