Car rental price includes:

  • Fully prepared cargo minibus for your intended destination
  • Compulsory civil insurance policy "OCTA"
  • Voluntary insurance policy "CASCO"

Necessary documents:

  • International driving license with category "B"
  • LR passport or identification card

Rental fee:

The rent is for a period of 24 hours and its amount is determined in accordance with the valid price list of cargo minibuses. The rental price can be reduced or increased depending on the rental period, kilometers traveled and other non-standard factors.


  • Prepayment
  • By transfer to a bank account (send your details to [email protected])
  • No security deposit is required (this can only be applied in certain cases)

Receiving and returning the car:

  • Receipt of a cargo minibus is possible every day from 08.00-21.00 Jāņavārtu Street 3, Riga
  • Return of the cargo minibus is possible every day from 00.00-24.00 Jāņavārtu Street 3, Riga

Restrictions on the use of the car:

  • Daily mileage - 500 km (tolerances for regular customers are possible)
  • Departure outside the Republic of Latvia - by prior arrangement with staff
  • Minimum rental period - one day (24 h) (tolerances for regular customers are possible)


  • For violations of stopping, standing, photo radar and RTA, in case of their omission and / or concealment, the lessee must pay a contractual penalty in the amount of EUR 100 and pay in full for the violations to the LR and EU authorities.
  • Loss of car documents is subject to a contractual penalty of EUR 100.
  • Loss of car keys is subject to a contractual penalty of EUR 100 and the cost of making a new key at an official dealer must be covered.
  • There is a charge of EUR 20 for handing over the car in a dirty condition.

Dispute resolution procedure:

Any disputes between the Parties shall be settled by mutual negotiations. If the dispute cannot be resolved in this way, the dispute will be considered in the Commercial Disputes Arbitration Court in Riga in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of this Arbitration Court and legislation of the Republic of Latvia with one arbitrator.